Saturday, 6 August 2011

Why Beasts & Dwellers?

..because this is the name of my homebrew role playing rules (still in the making).

"Beasts & Dwellers RPG" is a tabletop old school fantasy role playing game. It is following a simple ruling (like all the old school RPGs): less reading, more imagination. The rules are simple and short compared to the huge modern RPG books with tons of rules and tables. In "Beasts & Dwellers RPG" you’ll find all the classic races and classes, a simple system of battle and resolutions and no skills. The imagination and the discretion of the Game Master after all is what matters the most.

I have not reinvented the wheel with "Beasts & Dwellers RPG". This role playing game is using stuff from classic DnD versions and other old school RPGs ("Swords & Wizardry","Microlite D20", "Labyrinth Lord" and more) along with my personal touches. It is made as a simple role playing system that anyone can incorporate his rules and stuff in it easily.

As I said before it is still in the making.

What is ready:
- Character creation rules
- Classes and races
- Equipment lists
- Divine magic

What is to be written:
- Arcane magic
- Rules of playing
- Tips for the Game Master
- A monster manual
- Treasure and magic items list

Stay tuned!

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