Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dragon Age RPG - Session #6

Yesterday we finished our "Dragon Age RPG" ongoing campaign session #6. Me (Volrath, a human circle mage), Garoth (surface dwarf rogue), Robin (city elf rogue), Padrik (Avvarian warrior) and Kelsie (Fereldan freewoman warrior) were searching for the bandit camp and the lost loggers of the village’s lumbermill inside the forest.

After a bit of tracking and searching, we managed to get to the lumbermill where a terrible scene unfolded before our very eyes: a bloody mess of slaughtered and scattered people along with some hanged from an old oak tree! Unfortunately we were not so fast to save the poor loggers... Their death has to be avenged! There we met Dalia, the innkeeper’s daughter who was following us all the way in the forest shadows. She asked to be and adventurer so we decided to let her join us.

We kept tracking along a small steam we found inside the forest and finally we reached the bandit camp. We were lucky to find the guard sleeping so we got him easily. We spend some time waiting for the rest of the bandits to go for sleep (they were about 25 of them plus their boss). When about seven of them left around the campfire, we got battle positions. Robin (with his longbow) and I stayed on top of the small hill so that we could unleash chaos with arrows and spells. The rest of the party was just ready to attack. I casted a Mind Blast and got all of the seven bandits prone and defenseless. In the same time Robin unleashed a flame arrow and boss’ tent was on fire. Time for the rest to attack! It was a bloody hell! Suddenly a mabari war dog appeared, helped us defeat the rest of the bandits and got boss down eating his head (grosh!). It was the mabari we met in our previous session for sure and the local barn’s pet.

After we got victorious we managed to loot the camp finding the entire lost villager’s stuff. The boss’ diary unveiled important information: he was working for the local barn, the same man who sent us after him! Preposterous! We decided to get back… to the old barn, reveal the truth and help him get his position back.

We returned to the village and found the old barn. We got a rest there and the next day we accompanied our new master to the new barn’s castle. He was prepared with his guards ready for battle. When we revealed him the diary he seemed confused.

“I have nothing to do with those bandits! That’s why I sent you after them!” he responded.

“You liar! That’s why you send your mabari killing the boss so that we could not interrogate him!”

The mabari started to run. I managed to Mind Blast it and Garoth got it with his rope. In our very eyes, the mabari transformed in a beautiful naked woman! What the hell!

“Get her!”, I screamed and everyone was after the girl.

Everything was fixed and revealed. The girl was an apostate mage trying to put the barns fighting each other so that she could get the control of the village. She was mindcontrolling the new barn with a special item allowing her to transform into a mabari as well. As a circle mage I had to deliver the girl to the justice of the Circle (along with the cursed magic item of course).

“You are Volrath, right? And your mom is called Mara.”

“What the… How do you know all these, apostate?”

“I am your sister Volrath. I am your sister, Xena”

SHOCKED! SHOCKED! SHOCKED! (Ok you got it! Let’s continue…)

“But… I was searching for you all these years! I though you were dead…”

I had to get a difficult decision… I decided to follow the laws of the Circle and deliver my sister.

“It was not an easy decision. I really didn't want it to end like this…”

I kissed her and left the Circle to meet my party downhearted and baleful…

And that was the end of session #6 of our "Dragon Age RPG" campaign. We leveled up to level 3 and as I finished my side quest (finding my lost sister) I got some more experience! Next week… next session!

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