Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Review: The Village of Larm

"The Village of Larm" is a nice adventure module from Brave Halfling Publishing (using "Labyrinth Lord" system but it is easy adaptable to other old school RPGs). In its 27 pages you will find a detailed description of Larm, a medieval village with more than 30 locations plus three small adventures to kickstart your campaign.

Larm is a nice starting sandbox area with lots of interesting NPCs, rumors and hooks for further adventures. Inside the village the players will find 2 or 3 side quests to do plus the rumors for the three adventures included. The first adventure is a fast and easy dwelling in village’s mill cellar. It’s a great introduction to the old school RPGs system and combat rules for new players. The second adventure is a harder dungeon crawl as the players will visit a cursed temple. Be ready to face some undead hordes there! Finally, the third adventure is a wilderness encounter against a group of goblins that will test the military tactics of the players. There are some new magic items, too, including a holy weapon, sacred books and more.

Overall, "The Village of Larm" is a decent product. It is a great way to begin a full scale campaign and includes some nice hooks (plus some great old school art) for further adventures. The only downside is the luck of statistics for the monsters, although there are full statistics for every single NPC in the village.

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