Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hero Quest 25th Anniversary Edition FUNDED!

And it was funded for 1170%! This is truly amazing. As a backer I can't wait for December of this year to get in my hands this epic box. From now on you can learn the news about the creation of the game from this link.

Friday, 8 November 2013

That's what I call a bundle!

That's a great bundle of pdf's for all old school fans out there! For only $3.95 you get A LOT of stuff for your tabletop gaming needs. Go and grab it NOW!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Every edition available again!

So the rumours were true... "Every edition available again!". is the new way to get some great DnD stuff in a pdf form and truly reasonable prices. You can get "B1: In Search of the Unknown" module for free for the opening week of the site. Run now!

The scan quality is excellect by the way. We are waiting for more! Good work Wizards!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Veiled Invocation... a brand new module!

Dylan's Hartweel (the man behind Digital Orc) latest module "The Veiled Invocation" is finished! It's a collaborative effort from many old-school gamers, including myself. Inside the module there are 7 NPCs based on real-world old-school gamers.
Here's mine, the mighty warrior Mordevuntar! (the great artwork was made by Dylan himself)

Go grab your copy from here!
Support Old School Role Playing Gaming!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Dwimmermount: We dit it!

The gates of Dwimmermount are opening. The Kickstarter for "Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy RPG Megadungeon" has been an amazing success! All the backers received today the first level of the megadungeon as a preview and I can just say "Wow!!!". Can't wait to get the full product in my hands... old school gaming at its best!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dungeon Crawl Classics Session Report: Twelve inside... two alive!

Sooo... The noobs came, TRIED to conquer the dungeon and just 2 came out alive. Aggeliki was my third player and she rolled 4 characters as well: Sephrat the farmer (with her little goose, Doroula), Graup the trapper, Nairam the herbalist and finally Tamtakus the halfling gypsy (Greek readers will understand the connection between the name and the profession... it's very funny!).

The whole session was a blast! We had a lot of laughs, funny deaths, some clever roleplaying and a bit of "noobish" behavior towards the end. Actually, some characters begun attacking each other as they thought that every hope was lost...

Let's see the "Book of the Dead" together:

Tamtakus speared to death by twenty clay soldiers in Room #8 as he fell from the gazing pool... Poor Tamtakus!

Nairam pushed to her death by Gloan... Hail to the evil dwarf!

Sephrat died during a fight between her and John towards the end of the adventure.

Myriam died in Room #3. She fell on the wall tried to avoid the fireballs of the barbarian statue, while having just 1 hit point... It was probably the funniest death of the session!

Joshua died bravely while fighting Ssisssuraaaaggg, the immortal demon-snake... His name will not be forgotten!

Antuan fell also by the poisonous bites of the immortal demon-snake...

Gloan the evil dwarf was speared to death by Sephrat... She got revenge for the death of her brother, Nairam.

Vosgoth was the first to enter the dungeon and the first to fall... He was impaled by the spear-throwing statues!

Toran was toasted by the barbarian statue's fireballs...

Simondel was another one brave adventurer fell to death by Ssisssuraaaaggg...

Graup and John were the only ones to come out alive...

All the animals were toasted by the barbarian statue as the whole group was trying to track the movement of the strange statue. The immortal demon-snake was pulled in the barbarian statue room and the fight took place right there... courage and foolishness together!

It was a great 4-hour session. "A Portal Under the Stars" is a very well made dungeon crawl with nice traps and interesting enemies. Give it a try with a horde of 0-level noobs or with a classic party of 1st level adventurers. It's highly recommended as we had fun and some nice role playing experiences!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Horde of Noobs

This Monday we are going to give a shot to a short dungeon crawl titled "A Portal Under the Stars". It's a great introductory module for new players and it's a part of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Adventure Starter (you can buy it here for $4.99. There is also another module inside for 5th level characters).
"A Portal Under the Stars" is designed for a horde of 0 level characters. 0 level? What is this? Actually a 0 level character, following "Dungeon Crawl Classics" rules, is an inexperienced person, a peasant, with very little opportunity for surviving even a low level dungeon. Today, two of my players rolled four 0 level characters each. Probably a third player will be added the next couple of days. We had a lot of fun rolling these "cannon fodders". The reason is easy to understand just by looking at them:

John, a cutpurse with a little dagger.
Simondel, an elven artisan.
Gloan, a dwarven herder with a mule(!).
Antuan, a caravan guard with a short sword (the "beater" of the party!).
Myriam, a confidence artist.
Joshua, a scribe holding a single dart.
Toran, a pitch digger with his shovel.
Vosgoth, a farmer with his lovely little duck.

Some highlights during character creation:
- Three of them have just 1 hit point!
- Three of them rolled "Seventh Son" on Luck Score table (this village has A LOT OF SONS!).
- Gloan is a dwarf of evil alignment!

I can't imagine how a party like that can survive through the dark portal.
Stay tuned for a funny (as it is supposed to be) session report!