Sunday, 14 August 2011

Review: Idol of the Orcs

"A sinister demonic voice whispers instructions from the darkness… and a band of bloody orcs are there to obey!". This is the main storyline of "Idol of the Orcs", a 16-page adventure module from Goblinoid Games.

You will not find something new here, but on the other hand everything is well written and organized: rumor tables, nice dungeon art, puzzles & traps and of course a lot of orcs (I love those creatures!). The adventure is actually a 3-level dungeon crawl. The first floor is a classic dungeon that will test the military tactics of the players against a well organized orc tribe. The second one is a lot more atmospheric with ghostly traps and strange artifacts. In this floor the adventurers will meet a nice NPC that, if roleplayed nicely by the Dungeon Master will remain memorable for a long time. Finally, the last dungeon level is a complicated labyrinth that will drive the players mad. The use of collected information throughout the adventure are mandatory in this dungeon level for the clever players to stay alive.

"Idol of the Orcs" is a well presented dungeon crawl and will please demanding Dungeon Masters and players. I have already added it in my old school campaign. It’s nice, well written, simple and cheap. Give it a try!

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