Thursday, 9 February 2012

Random Table: Festivals

So, this is my first post offering gaming stuff... it's a simple random table of festivals. A party of heroes is arriving in a town. Give life to the exact moment by rolling just a d20...

Random Festivals Table (d20)
01. A religious festival to honor the gods.
02. Day of the dead.
03. Wedding day.
04. A feast for a heroic deed.
05. First/Last day of the summer.
06. First/Last day of the year.
07. A circus is in town.
08. Anniversary of the end of a war.
09. Athletic contests.
10. Agricultural fair.
11. Celebrating a victorious defence against invaders.
12. Trade festival.
13. The musical contest of bards.
14. Purification day.
15. Inauguration of the new town's Mayor/Leader/Chieftain.
16. Remembrance of a great hero's death.
17. Crowning of the new King (celebrating at each town of the kingdom).
18. Celebrating the erection of a major building.
19. Wine/Beer/Ale fair.
20. Flora and fauna day.

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